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Add Bone Deterioration to Diabetes Complications

Study finds that patients with type 2 diabetes had significantly lower bone material strength (osteoporosis) compared with controls. Loss of bone strength may be linked to poor glucose control.

Having Less Brown Fat May Increase Risk for Type 2 Diabetes

People of South Asian descent are at increased risk, and develop diabetes at younger ages, than whites
Less brown adipose fat, used to produce heat in colder climates, increases risk of developing type 2 diabetes

Heart Disease in Younger Women With Diabetes

Younger and middle-age women with type 2 diabetes have similar heart disease risks as men—a 4-fold increase compared to women without diabetes.
Doctors urge aggressive screening and treatment

Affects on the Heart: Diabetes Drug Act Differently in Men and Women

Study finds that metformin has positive effects on women's heart function, but not men. Combining metformin with Avandia or fish oil may mitigate some of the negative heart effects of metformin in men.
Diabetes and Heart Disease: Medications Matter