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September 22, 2015

Find Yourself a ‘Partner in Crime’

I am a woman of a certain age. I’d tell you that age, but it wouldn’t do any good because I generally lie about it. So let’s just say that “no spring chicken” pretty much covers it.
September 22, 2015

Diabetes and the Great Outdoors

As a person with diabetes, do you like to hike, swim, bike, or go camping?
September 16, 2015

Sweet & Spicy Chicken Chili

September 10, 2015

Family Conflict: Frustration or Blood Sugars

How does anyone understand the complexities of diabetes? Isn’t it as simple as following a routine? Unfortunately not!
September 09, 2015

Crying Over Canned Soup

Almost exactly 4 years ago, I stood in the canned food aisle at my local Whole Foods and cried.
September 04, 2015

A Little Lap Band Goes a Long Way Toward Diabetes Control

So in my first few blogs for, I’ve talked about a number of “weighty issues.” Losing weight, maintaining weight loss, keeping blood sugar levels on an even keel, even while on
September 04, 2015

Being With Diabetes

When you are living with a chronic illness like diabetes, a wide variety of emotions can percolate at any time.
September 03, 2015

Diabetes and Technology

In a recent post, I wrote about the influence of