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March 05, 2015

Finding Peace of Mind

While peace of mind may not seem like something that's specifically related to diabetes, your peace of mind has a very direct impact on your health at all levels. 
March 01, 2015

I Want To Feel Well Again! My Courageous Path To Wellness (Part 3)

February 26, 2015

Hydrate Yourself!

Last week, one of my patients went to the hospital with tremors, headache, fatigue, urinary symptoms, and severe constipation. And do you know what the main diagnosis was? Dehydration!
February 21, 2015

Spring Fever and Weekend Warriors

Well, folks, it's almost spring, and many of us now have what is popularly known as "spring fever".
February 19, 2015

Guest Post: My Suffering and Recovery From an Eating Disorder

It is a tremendous honor to be sharing this guest post with you today.
February 18, 2015

Making a Star out of Good Food Alternatives

Enjoying your food choices as a person with diabetes is not just about finding ways to make cake, cookies, and desserts fit into a Diabetes-Compatible diet.
February 11, 2015

Listening To Your Intuition

In last week's post, entitled "Listening To Your Body", I discussed how important it is to
February 07, 2015

Listening To Your Body

Begining last night and into this morning, I've been feeling so run down, I've barely been able to manage doing the essentials, let alone anything extra. Has this ever happened to you?