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January 20, 2014

Change? Achieving Diabetes Preferred Lifestyle!

So, It is time to change! What though? The doctors all say I need to change, but why should I? I like my life the way it is! So what to do? I just don’t know really.
January 14, 2014

Staying Positive

Amidst the negativity and stress so rampant in our culture, staying positive can seem like an uphill battle, but it's so very crucial for your physical, emotional and, yes, spiritual health. <
January 11, 2014

My First Adult Endocrinologist Appointment, AKA Quarter-life Crisis

     Ah, growing up.  Is there anything that better defines the word "bittersweet"?  Probably not.  As quickly as we gain our long-desired indepen
January 11, 2014

Response to The Fault in Our Stars

     I'm sure all of you felt different things as you read the title of this blog.  What does a NY Times Best Seller have to do with diabetes? Does this girl have cancer?
January 11, 2014

Ok 2014, what's it gonna be?

Here I am at home and I'm a little loopy.  Because I had dental work done today and I can't eat like I want to so this soup is not cutting it.
January 11, 2014

Change, Deceit & Diabetes

36 years ago in the hospital, I had just turned 6 years old and was diagnosed that same day with Juvenile diabetes. The doctor was nice!
January 07, 2014

Getting Started in 2014

Over the last few weeks, I've written about surviving the holidays,
January 06, 2014

Making Positive Changes in the New Year: A Canine Approach

With 2014 upon us, I thought it would be fun this week to take a comical look at a topic of conversation that