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Stress may interfere with type 2 diabetes control

Stress is a major part of everyday life for millions of Americans. Sucha state of mind can leave anyone feeling anxious or depressed, but the consequences may be even more severe for a person with type 2 diabetes.

Company announces development of implantable glucose monitor

For individuals with type 1 diabetes, the frequent need to test their blood sugar may be the most burdensome part of the condition. However, a new device may spare many people with the condition from having to test their glucose throughout the day.

Milk shown to reduce type 2 diabetes risk

Moms are always telling their children to drink milk if they want to grow up to be healthy and strong. Now, new research suggests that this advice may also apply to avoiding type 2 diabetes later life.

Athletes with type 1 diabetes to complete cross-country run

Many people with type 1 diabetes think their condition will limit what they are able to do when it comes to physical activity. Overexertion can cause glucose levels to drop dangerously low, which may lead to a dangerous health situation.

Advocates call for action to prevent type 2 diabetes

The worldwide type 2 diabetes rate is continuing to worsen, with more people being diagnosed with the condition every year. In order to avert continually rising costs and a public health disaster, experts are calling on governments to address the problem.

Medicaid cuts could cost individuals with type 2 diabetes, group says

With lawmakers in Washington battling over the federal budget, many different ideas have been tossed around for bringing down the national debt. One group is voicing its concern about proposals that threaten to cut funding for Medicaid.

Disaster preparedness may be critical for individuals with type 2 diabetes

Managing type 2 diabetes is difficult enough under ideal circumstances. However, things can become even more challenging when the power goes out or a person runs out of testing supplies and medications.

Disease management is key to avoiding heart problems

Type 2 diabetes can be bad enough on its own, but one of the worst aspects of the condition is the fact that it may lead to other health complications down the road.

Drinking may pose health risk for type 1 diabetics

Individuals with type 1 diabetes are generally warned to avoid drinking alcohol in excess. The reason is it can lower blood sugar levels, which may be dangerous in people who have impaired metabolic health.

Nick Jonas encourages newly diagnosed type 1 diabetics to share encouraging stories

Being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes can make a young person feel down. The condition may mean they will have to change many aspects of their life.